(a specialized service division of CMRE Financial Services, Inc.)

HRMG offers a robust self-pay outsourcing solution that allows you to focus on providing medical treatment, rather than dedicating your valuable resources to performing post-service collections and trying to prevent bad debt. 

CMRE Debt Prevention Services with HRMG Self-Pay

We employ a unique approach to proactive patient engagement, allowing us to communicate with the patient/responsible party according to your organization’s individual policies and procedures. Our agents concentrate on account resolution to avoid potential bad debt through:

    • data scrubs for demographics validation (addresses and phone numbers), social security number validation, bankruptcy, deceased & propensity to pay scoring
    • financial assistance assessment
    • automated presumptive eligibility
    • insurance eligibility screening and verification
    • full-cycle dispute research and resolution
    • customized payment plans

Our program also expands how you can effectively communicate with the patient/responsible party through:

    • legally compliant written notices and monthly statements that we partner with you to create
    • personalized, secure patient website featuring:
      • one-time or recurring payments
      • requests for documents (i.e. summary bill, financial assessment form and correspondence)
      • updating demographics
      • providing insurance information
    • extended business hours to serve the patient/responsible party
    • 24/7 interactive phone IVR
    • comprehensive patient EFT payment option at zero cost to you


HRMG Client Benefits

As your partner in debt prevention, HRMG provides you with:

    • secure electronic health record file (EHR) placement, seamlessly integrated with your existing systems
    • dedicated team members trained in this specialty field to address your questions, concerns, or needs
    • ongoing, customizable reporting of our work and its results
    • automated account inventory
    • development and implementation of best practices for your policies and procedures