We pride ourselves on maintaining a seasoned team of healthcare receivables experts.

Ongoing staff training is accomplished at CMRE through a sophisticated web-based learning/knowledge retention tool known for safeguarding organizations against lapses in continuing education. This online software both builds staff knowledge and reinforces it daily using continuous training techniques that employ “spaced repetitive learning”.

How CMRE Spaced Repetitive Learning Works

On a daily basis, our personnel are presented with online test questions covering CMRE policies and procedures, industry compliance (i.e., FCRA, 501-R, AB72, FDCPA, HIPAA, TCPA, SB1276, etc.), and client-specific policies and procedures. Based on these daily tests, statistical reports are used to identify personnel who need review, ensuring that all employees are properly trained and continue to retain critical information. Retraining and coaching is applied as needed.

Because this tool allows deployment of revised and/or new policies and procedures (company and/or client), CMRE staff are trained in the latest laws and industry best practices as soon as such advances come to light. And the tool features mandated acknowledgment of receipt, review, and e-signature acceptance by all staff members, so our clients can rely on CMRE for up-to-the-minute service day in and day out.